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On-Site Field Inspection

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To assure quality, your products, machinery and equipment must be manufactured in compliance with a range of statutory and contractual obligations. We provide both manufacturing inspections and technical inspections to verify and certify that your products are manufactured in full compliance with all specified requirements.

Why choose manufacturing inspection and technical inspection services from BMS?

We provide manufacturing inspection of single, multiple and mass production items of equipment and components to help you:

  • Ensure that your products have been manufactured according to the required quality and procedures with professional verification and inspection;

  • Control the conformity of your products, machinery and equipment with technical and purchase specifications, codes, standards and other relevant contractual documents;

  • Be certain that your products are properly handled and secured during transportation.

We offer you unrivaled experience, expertise, resources and a unique global network. As a result, we can provide trained and qualified technical specialists to verify your products and process quality in every corner of the world ? fast.

Our manufacturing and technical inspection services include:

o    Manufacturing process inspection

o    Coating inspection and failure analysis

o    Dimensional inspection

o    Documentation review

o    Quality inspection of final products

o    Packing and loading inspection

o    Storing and handling inspection

o    Visual inspection

o    Welding inspection

o    Witness tests

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